About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Ash, and I live in the UK.

I have been struggling for many years with trying to make money on the Internet. Just like so many people, I have bought many ‘shiny objects’, many junk products and wasted much time and money chasing the dream while just going round in circles and getting nowhere.

It was only through discovering the amazing Dean Holland and getting hold of his fantastic book, The Iceberg Effect, that turned my life around.

This book is amazing! It helped me to finally make sense of a lot of things and helped me to see where I’ve been going wrong. I strongly recommend that you grab yourself a copy.

After reading The Iceberg Effect, I booked a call with a member of Dean’s team and joined his Accelerator program.

Already, even though I’m still basically a rank newbie, I have learned so much! And I would love to be able to share what I’m learning with you!

Plus, through my years of struggling, although I wasn’t getting things right when it comes to the making money side of things, I did pick up bits and pieces. And now, being trained by Dean and his team, I am picking up new stuff all the time.

So if you’re just getting started, I’d love to help you start getting momentum, just like I have.

To your success!

Ash Thornton